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为什么我不能使用PHP Carbon库而不使用composer安装?

So i have tried to simply include Carbon into my project by simply requiring the autoload.php file in the Carbon package, but then it tells me "symfony/polyfill-ctype/bootstrap.php failed to open stream". OK, so i downloaded the folder from symphony and that error disappears, but then there are other folders / files that it requires, some of which i cannot find on the web.

It is strange that it's not in the Carbon package in the first place!

So i am using PHP version 7.1 I downloaded the Carbon package from https://github.com/briannesbitt/Carbon/releases I followed the instruction on https://carbon.nesbot.com/ under the 'Direct download' tab I have tried a lot of different versions of Carbon, current and older I have zero idea why it is not allowing me to use it...

All i want is to use Carbon and install it in the traditional (outdated) way of including libraries.

I know using composer is a lot better, but do not want to get into the reasons of why i cannot use it in this thread please :)

Any help would be much appreciated

Guys i have very little knowledge of composer and dependencies, this may be the issue i am having...

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  • doujing5846 2018-10-01 23:45

    Carbon really requires Composer at this point as it relies on dependencies. I would definitely take the time to learn and use Composer, it's great! You don't necessarily need it installed on the server provided you upload the files that Composer downloads for you in your local development environment.

    With that said, you could use an old version (1.17.0) that will allow you to use it as a stand-alone with no dependencies though I wouldn't recommend it.

    Download this Carbon file from the repo and save it as carbon.php.

    Inside any of your PHP files:

    require 'your/path/to/carbon.php';
    use Carbon\Carbon;
    //Use Carbon
    echo "Now: " . Carbon::now();
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