2014-11-28 06:57
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I'm trying to show some info in a pop-up window usig a window.open.. but when I click nothing happens.

This is the function that opens a new window.

function goNewWin(sell_code){

// Set height and width
var NewWinHeight=1000;
var NewWinWidth=1000;

// Place the window
var NewWinPutX=10;
var NewWinPutY=10;

//Get what is below onto one line

TheNewWin =window.open("renovations_history.php?sell_code=" + sell_code,

//Get what is above onto one line



Here's the HTML, with some PHP.

  <input type="button" value="Renovaciones" onClick="goNewWin(<?php echo $row['sell_code']; ?>)">

Nor it works with:

<a href="javascript:goNewWin(<?php echo $row['sell_code']; ?>)">Renovaciones</a>

It's 2:22 am and I can think straight, please help.

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  • dongzhong8834
    dongzhong8834 2014-11-28 07:02

    You need to add single quotes to the JavaScript function call:

    $sell_code = $row['sell_code'];
    <input type="button" value="Renovaciones" onClick="goNewWin('<?php echo $sell_code]; ?>')">

    Without it, Javascript will consider your $row['sell_code'] as a javascript keyword.

    You need to pass it as a string (function parameter).


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  • dsa45664
    dsa45664 2014-11-28 06:59

    if $row['sell_code'] is a string the you can use

    $sellCode = $row['sell_code'];
    onClick="goNewWin('<?php echo $sellCode; ?>')">
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