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I have a page and on it I have a link

<a href="">Download</a>

which redirect to another link which plays the .mp4 file. In order to download the file without redirect I use the download attribute

<a href="" download>Download</a>

and in order to set a name to the file I set a value to the download attribute

<a href="" download="S1E1.mp4">Download</a>

Now when I click the link the file should start downloading with the name S1E1.mp4 but because the link redirect to another link the file name is "videoplayback". So how can I set the name of this file to be "S1E1.mp4". Thanks for everything. If my question is not clear leave a comment and I'll edit it.

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我有一个页面 并在其上我有一个链接 http: //

 &lt; a href =“”&gt;下载&lt; /  a&gt; 

重定向到另一个链接 播放.mp4文件。 为了在没有重定向的情况下下载文件,我使用下载属性

 &lt; a href =“”下载&gt;下载&lt; /  a&gt; 


 &lt; a href =“”download =“S1E1.mp4”&gt;下载&lt; / a&gt; 

现在,当我点击链接时,文件应该开始下载,名称为S1E1.mp4,但因为链接重定向到另一个链接,文件名是“videoplayback”。 所以如何将该文件的名称设置为“S1E1.mp4” “。谢谢一切。 如果我的问题不明确,请留下评论,我将对其进行编辑。

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