2018-11-20 16:51
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I am building a weather app with laravel(almost finished) and i decided to implement the frontend with react/redux/react-router and use laravel from api calls. The only thing that i decided to leave the same is my custom laravel auth implementation with routes and views. However, i struggle to find a secure way to pass my Auth::user object after login in order to store on redux. I have 2 options:

1) After login and before render the main jsx, to make an axios request to specific route in order to return the Auth::user like:

in routes.php

Route::post('/auth/user' ,function(){
   return response()->json(['user'=>auth()->user()]);

in js'/auth/user').then((res)=>{console.log(}).catch((e)=>{console.log(e)})

2) pass Auth::user with blade, catch it with getAttribute, save it to redux and instantly remove from DOM:

<div id="app" data-usr="{{ auth()->user() }}"></div>

However neither of them seem to me like a secure way to pass this kind of data. Can anyone tell me his opinion about this or figure me with a better solution? Thanks a lot.

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