2019-05-25 19:25
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为什么centos curl版本与php curl版本不同

I updated centos7 curl and now the version is 7.65, then I rebuilt php7 and set --with-curl=/usr/bin/curl. When I finished curl_version() still shows 7.20. Why is that?

I use guzzle to request a web which need http_version 2.0, so I have to upgrade php curl. Hope someone helps me, thanks a lot!

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我更新了centos7 curl,现在版本是7.65,然后我重建了php7和 set --with- 卷曲=的/ usr /斌/卷曲</代码>。 当我完成 curl_version()</ code>仍显示7.20。 为什么会这样?</ p>

我使用guzzle来请求一个需要http_version 2.0的网页,所以我必须升级php curl。 希望有人帮助我,非常感谢!</ p> </ div>

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