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Laravel Eager正在加载优化评论问题

So I was just messing with the eager loading stuff and I have been checking out how many Sql statements I have been pulling, I really feel what I have here does work but I feel like I could do this in a better way with eager loading. Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe a way to stop each comment from running a query?...

Here Is My Controller function called Show()

public function show($id)
    $posts = Post::with(['user','comments'])->where('user_id', $id)->get();

    foreach($posts as $post) {
      echo "<hr /><h2>" . $post->title . "</h2>";
      echo "<p><u style='font-size: 0.8rem;'>By: ". $post->user->name ."</i></u> | <u style='font-size: 0.8rem;'>Date:" . $post->created_at->format('n-j-Y') . "</u>";
      echo "<br />" . $post->content . "</p><hr />";
      echo "<h3>Comments</h3>";
      if($post->comments->isNotEmpty()) {
        foreach($post->comments as $comment) {
          echo "<u>" . $comment->user->name . "</u><br />" . $comment->comment . "<br /><br />";
      } else {
        echo "Sorry there are no comments yet.";

Here is the data it pulls and displays on the page I call. Please keep in mind I know I should use a view but I'm mostly doing this for the sake of learning.

select * from posts where user_id = ?

select * from users where in (?)

select comments.*, taggables.post_id as pivot_post_id, taggables.taggable_id as pivot_taggable_id, taggables.taggable_type as pivot_taggable_type from comments inner join taggables on = taggables.taggable_id where taggables.post_id in (?, ?, ?) and taggables.taggable_type = ?

Posts Web Page:

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select * from users where = ? limit 1

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select * from users where = ? limit 1

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  • dounanyin3179 2018-08-01 04:20

    You also need to eager load the user related to each comment. You can eager load nested relationships using dot notation:

    $posts = Post::with(['user', 'comments.user'])->where('user_id', $id)->get();

    Now each comment will have its user eager loaded and will not run a new query.

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