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Laravel Eloquent Eager从多个表中加载

I'm relatively new to Laravel and only recently started to learn about eager loading. Currently, I have a project in which I was required to develop an app for connection between companies and partners.

Connection can either be between company-company, partner-partner or company-partner. For now, I stored all the connections in one Connection table as shown here:

In Connection class, I use polymorphic to retrieve all the connections for a company/partner:

public function connectable()
    return $this->morphTo();

And this function in Partner and Company classes:

public function my_connection()
    return $this->morphMany(Connection::class, 'connectable', 'model_type', 'model_id');

I can retrieve the list of connections just fine, but problem arise when I want to get the details for each connected company/partner. I want to use eager load in Connection class as below but it only manage to either get from company or partner but not both

protected $with = [

public function following()
    return $this->belongsTo(Company::class, 'connect_to', 'id');

Is it possible to do this? Or should I separate company and partner connections into different tables?

Edit: By connection, I meant a partner or company can connect/follow each other like the usual social media app. It wasn't mutual tho. Say, if Partner A follow Partner B, then only that connection will be stored. Partner B is still considered not connected to A.

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  • douwu5009 2019-01-16 08:41

    I am not sure exactly which model do you want to eager load (i.e. model_type or connect_type), but in either case you can use a morphTo relation, as in:

    public function following()
            return $this->morphTo(null, $type = 'connect_type', $id = 'connect_to');
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