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In my cakephp application I am trying to create a commenting functionality. So I use an ajax request to get the comments and then clone an html template and append it to the page:

//load comments
                type: 'POST',
                url: '/app/tasks/getComments',
                datatype: 'json',
                beforeSend: function (xhr) { // Add this line
                           xhr.setRequestHeader('X-CSRF-Token', $('[name="_csrfToken"]').val());
                data: {
                        task_id : "<?php echo $task->id; ?>"
                success: function( data )
                    for (var i=0; i < data.length; i++)
                        //Clone the template
                        var item = $(template).clone();

                        document.cookie = 'photos['+i+']='+data[i];
                        document.cookie = 'names['+i+']='+data[i].user.username;

                        //Find the  element
                        $(item).find('#comment_photo').html('<?php if(isset($_COOKIE["photos[$num]"])) {echo $this->Html->image($_COOKIE["photos[$num]"], ["class" => "avatar avatar-online", "alt" => $currentUser->username]); }  ?>');

                        $(item).find('#comment_username').html('<?php if(isset($_COOKIE["names[$num]"])) { echo $_COOKIE["names[$num]"]; }?>');

                        $(item).find('#comment_time').html(moment(data[i].created_date, 'DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm:ss').format('MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss a'));

                        //Append to the source



In order to access the returned results in php I store them in cookie arrays (photos[], names[]). How I can set and update the value of $num in order to iterate the arrays in every html code append? Is it possible to achieve what I want with this approach? Or I need a complete new one?

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