2019-04-07 08:11
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I am trying to send the notification to my azure notification hub using PHP. I am using these 2 classes to send out the notifications. When I try to send the notifications, I see this error

{ "message": "Error sending notificaiton: 400 msg: 

Bad Request

HTTP Error 400. The request is badly formed.

My function is

public function sendNotificationHub() {

        $hub    =   new \App\Helpers\NotificationHub('connection string', 'central US');
        $message = '{"data":{"message":"Hello from PHP!"}}';

        $notification   =   new \App\Helpers\Notfication("gcm", $message);

        $hub->sendNotification($notification, null);
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  • duanqun7761 2019-04-08 06:39

    400 clearly indicate that the request is malformed (for example, not valid routing headers, not valid content-type, message exceeds size, bad message format).

    Is your hub name is "Central US"? Please check this blog for reference


    See if it helps.

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