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I have been granted an Microsoft Azure Educator Grant Award. This fall I am going to teach my PHP course using Azure. I have done this using USB drives. I have done this using VMs in our local cloud. I have taught it using Amazon WorkSpaces. Instead of having my students set up their development environment on their local machines, I want to create VMs for them and then have them use those VMs to develop, this way they can get to their development environment from anywhere and I can control the environment to ensure consistency. Has anyone set up something like this using limited Azure resources? Does anyone have any advice for me as I move forward?

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我获得了Microsoft Azure Educator Grant Award。 今年秋天,我将使用Azure教授我的PHP课程。 我用USB驱动器做到了这一点。 我在本地云中使用VM完成了这项工作。 我使用Amazon WorkSpaces教过它。 我没有让我的学生在他们的本地机器上设置开发环境,而是想为他们创建VM,然后让他们使用这些VM进行开发,这样他们就可以从任何地方进入他们的开发环境,我可以控制环境到 确保一致性。 有没有人使用有限的Azure资源设置这样的东西? 当我向前推进时,是否有人对我有任何建议?

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