2018-12-03 19:19
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调用未定义的方法Illuminate \ Database \ MySqlConnection :: connect()

I'm working in a Connect multiple databases dynamically method, when I run my app the follow error apears

Call to undefined method Illuminate\Database\MySqlConnection::connect()

I ran composer dump-autoload and composer update but the error keeps coming.

Here is the code:

public function handle($request, Closure $next) {
    if (($request->session()->get('empresaId')) === null)
        return redirect()->route('inicio')->withErrors(['error' => __('Por favor inicie sesión en alguna empresa antes de intentar esta acción')]);

    $empresa = new empresa();
    Config::set('', $empresa->hostname);
    Config::set('database.connections.empresa.database', $empresa->database);
    Config::set('database.connections.empresa.username', $empresa->username);
    Config::set('database.connections.empresa.password', $empresa->password);


    return $next($request);

anyone know why I got that message? and how can fix it?

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