2016-11-25 11:13



I get an Internal server error when I try to access my site. Server is actually working fine, I have access like usual in the ftp mode. For some reason I am being attacked, likely an XSS attack, that affects my .htaccess file making it look like that: lots of ##:

enter image description here

which results to a gigantic length of that line, making the server rendering it as a length overflow and not dipsplaying the site. When I try to modify that file, it has changed the permissions, so i first need to change them and then modify it. After I have deleted all the "#" site works fine. After some time, the same thing happens.

I have the latest wordpress installation, and have also installed wordfence. How can I stop this?

EDIT: Server admin says it hasn't to do with the server, because there are other wordpress sites with no problem.

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  • doue1925 doue1925 5年前

    After changing the FTP password, there are no more unwanted file edits, thus no more overflow server issues.

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  • dongzan2740 dongzan2740 5年前

    There are two possibilities

    1) You/Some Plugin creator have created some bad PHP files in your WordPress installation which are writing to your .htaccess (maybe creating an endless loop) - this would probably be custom scripts as most Plugins in the WordPress repository have been tested

    2) Most likely your WordPress installation and/or server have been compromised/hacked. Your server admin definitly should take your request seriously.

    Steps to perform in case of hacked WordPress:

    1) Make a backup

    2) remove all files from the server and your database

    3) change all passwords (WordPress, FTP, Provider-Login, database etc. etc.)

    4) Make a fresh installation of WordPress

    5) Check your database sql for any malicious code before putting the database backup in again

    6) Check your WP-Content Folder for any malicious code before you put it on the server again

    In many cases some PHP file is corrupted by an attacker which may write to .htaccess

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