doutusheng5879 2016-10-19 20:09
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I have an index.php file and I'm trying to include the header and footer (html files) in it. They are both bootstrap based and I just made a few customizations in header.html. If I include only the header file there's no problems at all and index.php is displayed as expect but when I include both files (hearder/footer.html), for some reason, my css doesn't display the changes (only displays the default values of the bootstrap). This is the problem I would like to solve. I will ask another question too:

  1. I have several pages that have the same header and footer. The goal here is not repeating code. Is this the better way to include these elements (header/footer)? Am I doing it right?

    These are the files I'm using:

    • This pen shows the modifications that should be displayed in the index.php file.
    • This file represents the main file (index.php)
    • This file contains the header.html
    • This file contains the footer.html

I realized that if I comment the include of footer.html in the main file index.php it's content is displayed and everything works right.

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  • doucan8276 2016-10-19 20:23

    Actually, Your footer.html also includes CSS stylesheets which override the header.html's stylesheets.

    You can do something like this


     add all the stylesheets here or combine them


    <footer information goes here>
    add javascript here


    include ('header.html')
    content goes here
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