2016-10-19 17:09
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I have a Facebook share button on a page, And now the user shares a post on his/her timeline, Now what i want to do is count the number of times that specific user shares it in that session.

For Example the count will be initialized to 0 for all users , What i want is Each time a person shares a post successfully the count to increment.

We create a variable count and initialize to 0, now the share button works fine, How can i increment the count each time the post is successfully shared? What variables would be needed and how can this be done?

$fbcount = $_SESSION['count'];

function incrememnt() {

document.getElementById('shareBtn').onclick = function() {
    method: 'share',
    display: 'popup',
    href: 'https://developers.facebook.com/docs/',
  }, function(response){});

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