2016-08-15 18:08
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SilverStripe 3.1+站点不会输出Page.ss模板内容

A live site has suddenly stopped populating with the Page.ss template ( theme/templates/Layout/Page.ss). Pages with custom templates are fine but page page types won't display any data. Therefore there is no log in form for the admin either. No changes have been made to the files. I'm unsure as to what has been changed via the CMS but you can't view the admin form any longer to log in. I've tried replacing the Page.ss file to the original default one, removing extra JS but no luck. I'm stuck as to how to trouble shoot this?

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现场网站突然停止填充Page.ss模板(theme / templates / Layout / Page.ss) 。 具有自定义模板的页面很好但页面页面类型不会显示任何数据。 因此,管理员也没有登录表单。 没有对文件进行任何更改。 我不确定通过CMS改变了什么,但是你不能再查看管理表格了。我已经尝试将Page.ss文件替换为原来的默认文件,删除额外的JS但没有运气 。 我被困在如何解决这个问题上?

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