2016-06-05 23:21
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I have a table. The table have id, name and sname columns. I want to run a sql query in php. For example my query is

Select * from mytable where id=$n;

Here $n is a variable first value is 1. When the page is loaded this query is running. I listed a table query result. I want to increase $n value with a html button. The button is clicked $n value must be 2 and query must execute with new $n variable.

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我有一张桌子。 该表具有id,name和sname列。 我想在php中运行一个SQL查询。 例如我的查询是

 从mytable中选择*其中id = $ n; 

这里$ n是 变量第一个值是1.加载页面时,此查询正在运行。 我列出了一个表查询结果。 我想用html按钮增加$ n值。 单击该按钮$ n值必须为2,查询必须使用新的$ n变量执行。

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  • dsyq40772 2016-06-05 23:34

    You can post with a form and increment the id

    if (isset($_GET["increment"]) && $_GET["increment"] == 1)
    $sql = "Select * from mytable where id=$n;";
    // display data as usual
        <input type="hidden" name="increment" value="1"/>
        <button type="submit">increment</button>
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  • dqh1992 2016-06-05 23:28

    Use Javascript to make an Ajax request instead.

    On each click of the button increment some Javascript variable. This variable can be passed to the script via AJAX.

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