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I have a Windows server file path that I'm having a lot of difficulty escaping because of PHP's magic quotes feature. Assuming that turning this setting off isn't trivial, how would I go about escaping this path?



To complicate things further, this path would need to run as part of a command wrapped in another set of quotes since it ultimately runs via a command prompt utility (called in SQL). The full command would look something like this:

$package =
            'dtexec.exe /f "\\SERVER\folder1\folder2\folder3\file.dtsx" ' + 
            '/set \Package.Variables[User::Param1].Properties[Value];"' + CAST(@param1 AS varchar) + '" ' + 
            '/set \Package.Variables[User::Param2].Properties[Value];"' + CAST(@param2 AS varchar) + '" ' + 
            '/set \Package.Variables[User::Param3].Properties[Value];"' + CAST(@param3 AS varchar) + '"';

I think my main challenge is the server file path if anyone can lend a hand here, though! Thanks in advance!


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