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Codeigniter chriskacerguis-RESTAPI未知的访问方法

This is my Folder


Both my example.php at API/example.php and API/ID/example.php were the same like this.


defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');
require APPPATH . '/core/REST_Controller.php';

 * This is an example of a few basic user interaction methods you could use
 * all done with a hardcoded array
 * @package         CodeIgniter
 * @subpackage      Rest Server
 * @category        Controller
 * @author          Phil Sturgeon, Chris Kacerguis
 * @license         MIT
 * @link            https://github.com/chriskacerguis/codeigniter-restserver

class Example extends REST_Controller {
    public function index_get()
        // index from a data store e.g. database
        $index = [
            ['id' => 1, 'name' => 'John', 'email' => 'john@example.com', 'fact' => 'Loves coding'],
            ['id' => 2, 'name' => 'Jim', 'email' => 'jim@example.com', 'fact' => 'Developed on CodeIgniter'],
            ['id' => 3, 'name' => 'Jane', 'email' => 'jane@example.com', 'fact' => 'Lives in the USA', ['hobbies' => ['guitar', 'cycling']]],

        $id = $this->get('id');
        $this->response($index, REST_Controller::HTTP_OK);

    public function users_get(){

First I Adjust my config/routes.php like this

$route['API'] = "API";
$route['API/(.+)'] = "API/$1";

When I accessed base_url/API/Example/id/1 it responded the $index[1] that has name John.

Then I changed the routes.php into


Then I accessed I accessed base_url/API/Example/id/1 Which will go to API/ID/Example based on routes.php But Its responded

"status": false
"message": "Unknown method"

But if I accesed base_url/API/Example?id=1 It responded with $index[1]

How can I call api from API/ID/Example.php using base_url/API/example/id/1 and it will return $index[1]? not status:false unknown method

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