2015-10-26 21:11
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设置zookeeper php扩展以安装kafka-php时出错

I have an issue while installing kafka-php. The zookeeper php extension is a dependency that I need to manage clusters.

I'm following these instructions and I'm getting this error when running ./configure after phpize:

configure: error: Can't find zookeeper headers under "/usr/share/zookeeper"

I already verified that the path exists, and I also tried to install via pecl. That gives the same error (with other versions of the extension too).

How do I resolve this?

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安装时遇到问题 kafka-php 。 zookeeper php扩展是我需要管理集群的依赖项。

我正在关注这些说明我在 phpize 之后运行 ./ configure 时遇到此错误 code>:

configure:error:在“/ usr / share / zookeeper”下找不到zookeeper头

我已经验证路径存在,我也尝试通过 pecl 进行安装。 这也会产生同样的错误(扩展的其他版本也是如此)。


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  • dqq46733 2015-10-27 02:29

    After looking, I could find a solution. I just needed to install some dev-packages to have the missing headers of the C client.

    Here you can see the details

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