duanchu3376 2015-09-25 20:14
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在Auth,Laravel 5.1上更改SQL查询

When logging in, the query fails, because "email" is not on "usuario", it's in "persona"

Unknown column 'email' in 'where clause' (SQL: select * from `usuario` where `email` = admin@localhost limit 1)

It's not a solution to change the database model, as not all "persona" are "usuario", but all "usuario" are "persona".

Tried to set the relationships:

class Persona extends Model implements AuthenticatableContract,
public function usuario()
    return $this->hasOne('App\Usuario');
class Usuario extends Model implements AuthenticatableContract,
public function persona()
    return $this->hasOne('App\Persona');

Both tables have the same key.

But the query doesn't change, I though maybe Laravel could make an "INNER JOIN" somewhere, don't know if Laravel can do that automatically, so I tried to change the query but don't know exactly where is located.

I thought in a solution like this, but it looks too easy, don't know if would be a good way =/

  • Get EMAIL and PASSWD from post
  • Get the ID, EMAIL and PASSWD from the BD with the SQL
  • If [EMAIL and PASSWD match] Auth::loginUsingId(ID); [ELSE] Return with the errors.

As far as I know, the Auth::loginUsingId(ID); acts like a successful Auth::attempt()... but with this solution I'll need to know how to implement later Throttles and the "remember" option separately... all thoughts are welcome :D

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  • duankang8114 2015-09-30 00:42

    I found a solution: changed postLogin() but inside AuthController, so I can preserve the Throttles and Remember features, and the core still unchanged, here's the code if I can help others:

    // Auth\AuthController.php
    protected function postLogin(Request $request)
        $this->validate($request, [
            $this->loginUsername() => 'required', 'password' => 'required',
        // If the class is using the ThrottlesLogins trait, we can automatically throttle
        // the login attempts for this application. We'll key this by the username and
        // the IP address of the client making these requests into this application.
        $throttles = $this->isUsingThrottlesLoginsTrait();
        if ($throttles && $this->hasTooManyLoginAttempts($request)) {
            return $this->sendLockoutResponse($request);
        $credentials = $this->getCredentials($request);
        //Here's the custom SQL, so you can retrieve a "user" and "pass" from anywhere in the DB
        $usuario = \DB::select('
                INNER JOIN
                    usuario ON persona.id_persona = usuario.id_persona
                    persona.email = ?
                LIMIT 1', array($credentials['email']));
        // Instead of:
        // if (Auth::attempt($credentials, $request->has('remember'))) {
        if ($usuario && Hash::check($credentials['password'], $usuario[0]->password)) {
            Auth::loginUsingId($usuario[0]->id_persona, $request->has('remember'));
            // Put any custom data you need for the user/session
            Session::put('nombre', $usuario[0]->nombre);
            return $this->handleUserWasAuthenticated($request, $throttles);
        // If the login attempt was unsuccessful we will increment the number of attempts
        // to login and redirect the user back to the login form. Of course, when this
        // user surpasses their maximum number of attempts they will get locked out.
        if ($throttles) {
        return redirect($this->loginPath())
            ->withInput($request->only($this->loginUsername(), 'remember'))
                $this->loginUsername() => $this->getFailedLoginMessage(),
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