2015-09-05 15:38

用HTML / PHP执行的shell脚本


I have some basic knowledge of HTML/PHP. The situation I am facing is frustrating. What I want to accomplish is to create a simple search box on a web page, when the user puts in input and clicks submit then my shell script is executed and then presented on a php page. I have been successful in getting other commands to run when I click submit to make sure the PHP exec shell command is working. I will see the output on the web page. Just not my script. My script uses an argument to pass and works thru command line. Below is the details of my script, HTML, and PHP page. Also, I'm using a FreeBSD 10 box.

My Script

Command Line - $ csearch "argument"

grep -ir -B 1 -A 4 "$*" /usr/local/var/rancid/CiscoDevices/configs

My HTML page

<form method="POST" action="csearch.php">
    <input type="text" name="searchText">
    <input type="submit" value="Search">

My PHP page



$output = shell_exec('/usr/local/bin/csearch $searchText');
echo "<pre>$output</pre>";


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • dqm83011 dqm83011 6年前

    shell_exec('/usr/local/bin/csearch $searchText'); This isn't what you expect it to be:

    $searchText = 'foobar';
    $cmd = '/usr/local/bin/csearch $searchText';
    echo $cmd;


    /usr/local/bin/csearch $searchText

    Change the string to use double quotes and $searchText will actually be what you want to it be:

    $output = shell_exec("/usr/local/bin/csearch $searchText");

    More info on the use of quotes in PHP.

    As @uri2x hints in a comment:

    $searchText=$_POST['$searchText']; should be changed to $searchText=$_POST['searchText']; for a similar reason.

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