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I am trying to run a shell script from a PHP script.

PHP code :

<? php
     $sss = escapeshellarg('virtualbox');
     $result = shell_exec("/home/hani/Desktop/launchscript.sh '$sss' 2>&1 ");
     echo "<pre>$result</pre>";
     echo "<br />";
     echo (shell_exec('whoami'));

my shell script :


echo 'the sudo password' |sudo -S service $1 restart

After I run the PHP code in a web server (Xampp), I got this output :

[sudo] password for daemon: Sorry, try again.
[sudo] password for daemon: 
sudo: 1 incorrect password attempt


Although, I haven't set any password for the daemon user. And after I checked the current user running the PHP code I found it is daemon.
After many researches here and in the net, I found that daemon can't run sudo commands.
I also found that I can fix this by editing the sudoers file and giving permissions to the daemon user to run sudo commands. However this is not a secured solution.
so my question is : How to run that script via the PHP code but not as a daemon?
PS : I tried this in order to change the current user running the PHP file :

$result = shell_exec(" sudo -u hani /home/hani/Desktop/launchscript.sh '$sss' 2>&1 ");  

But I got this output in the browser :

sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified

and the user remains daemon.

I am using Xampp in Ubuntu 16.04
Another information, I run this command in the terminal to know the owner of the 'httpd' service :

ps -ef | egrep '(httpd)' | grep -v `whoami` | grep -v root | head -n1 | awk '{print $1}'

the output is : daemon

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 &lt;?  php 
 $ sss = escapeshellarg('virtualbox'); 
 $ result = shell_exec(“/ home / hani / Desktop / launchscript.sh'$ sss'2&gt;&amp; 1”); 
 echo“&lt; pre&gt;  ; $ result&lt; / pre&gt;“; 
 echo”&lt; br /&gt;“; 


 #!/ bin / bash 
sss = $ 1 
echo'sudo password'| sudo -S service $ 1  restart 



虽然,我没有为守护程序用户设置任何密码。 在我检查运行PHP代码的当前用户后,我发现它是守护程序
\ 经过这里和网上的许多研究,我发现守护程序无法运行 sudo 命令。
我还发现我可以通过编辑sudoers来解决这个问题。 档案 nd授予守护程序用户运行sudo命令的权限。 然而,这不是一个安全的解决方案。
PS :我试过这个以便更改运行PHP文件的当前用户:

  $ result = shell_exec(“sudo -u hani / home / hani / Desktop / launchscript  .sh'$ sss'2&gt;&amp; 1“);  


  sudo:no tty present并且没有指定askpass程序 


我在Ubuntu 16.04中使用Xampp
另一个信息,我在终端运行此命令以了解'httpd'服务的所有者: \ n

  ps -ef |  egrep'(httpd)'|  grep -v`whoami` |  grep -v root | 头-n1 |  awk'{print $ 1}'


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  • douqin0676 2017-08-12 15:12

    I think i found a solution ( but still not sure about the security issues).
    It only needs to change the default user (owner) and group of the httpd service. This can be done by editing the httpd.conf located in /opt/lampp/etc (if you are using Xampp). The default user, as I mentioned in the question, is daemon. However it has not permissions to run sudo commands, so it only needs to change that user by another one who has the permissions to run sudo commands (obviously the root user or your deafult user in Ubuntu).

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