2015-05-02 12:04
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I'm trying to create a mysql/php chat (private message) for my site using the "WHERE" clause in PHP.

SELECT * FROM (tablename) WHERE (columnname) = $_SESSION('MM_USERNAME')

However, I seem to only be able to search for plain text or my table "users.username" which brings up all results in table (not what I want). Is it possible to search from the username cookie variable?

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我正在尝试使用“WHERE”子句为我的网站创建一个mysql / php聊天(私信) 用PHP。

  SELECT * FROM(tablename)WHERE(columnname)= $ _SESSION('MM_USERNAME')

但是 ,我似乎只能搜索纯文本或我的表“users.username”,它会在表格中显示所有结果(不是我想要的)。 是否可以从用户名cookie变量中搜索?

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  • dpr81047 2015-05-02 12:12

    Since $_SESSION('MM_USERNAME') is a string it needs to be in quotes.

    $query_chat = "SELECT * FROM (tablename) WHERE (columnname) = '" . $_SESSION['MM_USERNAME'] . "'";

    Using the error reporting of which ever driver you are using should return this to you. You also should be sure you sanatize that value or use a prepared statement.

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