2016-01-30 21:51
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Prestashop 1.6:无法在制造商页面中显示制造商徽标

I'm developing an e-commerce using Prestashop
I have a problem that I can't solve: in the manufacturer page of my website I am not able to see the manufacturer logos (see the screenshot). enter image description here

In the manufacturer table the logo is present and I regenerated the prestashop miniatures too, so I can't understand why the images are not loaded in that page.

I hope you can help me. Thanks!

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我有一个问题,我 无法解决:在我网站的制造商页面中,我无法看到制造商的徽标(请参见屏幕截图)。 < p>在制造商表中,徽标存在,我也重新生成了prestashop微缩模型,因此我无法理解为什么图像没有加载到该页面中。

我希望 你可以帮助我。 谢谢!

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  • dow72046 2016-05-24 10:04

    Issue solved: the problem was related to the logo image size.
    I had to set the height and width of the image from: Preferences -> Images

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