2015-03-03 20:21
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I use

php_value session.cookie_domain ""

in .htaccess to share sessions on the domain and all subdomains and it's working, except from android phone

Why is that ? Is there any way forward here ?

Ps. It's also not working if session.cookie_domain = directcly in php.ini - the site have a lot of pages so a .htacces or php.ini way would be preferable

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  php_value session.cookie_domain“.domain。 在.htaccess中com“


这是为什么 ? 这里有什么办法吗?

Ps。 如果session.cookie_domain = .domain.com直接在php.ini中也没有用 - 该网站有很多页面,所以.htacces或php.ini方式更可取

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  • dongyuji7309
    dongyuji7309 2015-11-23 10:20

    It was old cached data causing this. Cookies survived both when restarting the browser and phone with session.cookie_lifetime = 0 in php.ini. Manually deleting all personal data was resolving the issue.

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  • doukuipei9938
    doukuipei9938 2015-03-04 00:35

    Session cookies are set when your client does not have any or if they expire. Unless you forcefully change their value (like name) they would not change. But some values like domain - we do not easily tend to forcefully change.

    This means that if a session cookie is set for +15 minutes then you shall either wait 15 mins or use session_destroy() or cleaar cookies from your browser manually.

    When the next cookie is set it shall work properly.

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