donglin5770 2015-02-11 10:56
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I am building a CMS and my goal is to allow administrator to choose page view / layout ( Fullwidth, Sidebar, etc. )

So my question is what is the best practice to do this...

I am thinking create in database Layouts with ID and layout_name, and then in controller return View::make('$layout_name');

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  • douyan6742 2015-02-11 11:16

    There are probably different ways to achieve this. In my opinion it's better to keep the make method non-dynamic and to share the layout setup across all the views with View:share. After what you may need to do an if statement to specify how your layouts have to be used.

    $layout_name = 'full_width'; // should be the result of the db query
    View:share('layout', $layout_name); // use it in your controllers, wherever you want

    And in the concerned views:

    @if ($layout == 'full_width')
    @elseif ($layout == 'sidebar')

    This solution assumes that you know the different types of layouts that can be used.

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