2014-10-22 19:39
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I have a powershell script that sends an email which is being called from a php script. Everything works great until I add the body parameter via a php variable. This line works:

$oExec = $WshShell->Run("C:\\path\\powershell.exe C:\\path\\email.ps1 \"{$email}\" \"Test Body"");

These next 2 both don't work:

$oExec5 = $WshShell->Run("C:\\path\\powershell.exe C:\\path\\email.ps1 \"{$email}\" \"{$body}\"");
$oExec5 = $WshShell->Run("C:\\path\\powershell.exe C:\\path\\email.ps1 \"{$email}\" {$body}");

I am very confused, at first I thought it had to do with the content of the variable but I feel I eliminated that possibility by setting $body="Test Body" the exact value that works when hard coded. I am stumped, please help.

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  • dongtuliao6760 2014-10-23 14:56

    Turns out the answer was pretty simple. I added single quotes around the body message and my problem was solved.

    $command = "C:\\path\\email.ps1 \"{$email}\" 'This is the body text'";
    $oExec5 = $WshShell->Run("C:\\path\\powershell.exe {$command}");

    The one problem I have found is that there seems to be a character limit on the length of text that I can put in the body message.

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