2015-02-05 06:43



I have 100000 records in my database with 10 column

which are int, float

My question

I want to perform paging, search & sorting operation on this data.

I think i have two option.

either using Ajax request for each call or retrieve all data at time,perform operations like search, sort

suggest any better solution.

NOTE: Im using Meteor.js and numbtel:mysql package

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  • donglvlao8367 donglvlao8367 6年前

    Better you can try bootstrap framework(data tables). it can easily to integrate for large number of rows

    including the DataTables Bootstrap files (CSS and JS)

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  • donglanying3855 donglanying3855 6年前

    You have two ways to perform the task:

    1. Use jQuery Data table if you are retrieving all the records at once. enter image description here

    -- If you follows this technique it will increase the loading time. It is consider better for less no of records. more more records it takes time on first time.

    If you have less time for development then "Datatable is best". It already has all the feature you are looking for.

    1. Second way is "ajax", it is a bit time taking. you have to code separately for
    2. search
    3. pagination etc.

    So it all depends on time of development and type of app you are going to develop.

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