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Symfony - sonata formBuilder在基于Cygwin的环境中崩溃

I run project on symfony (2.5.7) with sonata (2.3). If I run it under Ubuntu with apache2 and php there is no problem with correct working of forms and all the other parts of symfony. But I want to have the code on Windows with, ability to run bash scripts that doing the job to deploy project correctly. That's why I set up Cygwin with cygserver and apache and php. I managed to run my project on apache for cygwin but every time I open the edit form I get error like that:

The name "s547b06c97e7c79.42607283" contains illegal characters. Names should start with a letter, digit or underscore and only contain letters, digits, numbers, underscores ("_"), hyphens ("-") and colons (":").
500 Internal Server Error - InvalidArgumentException

And those are 2 last lines from stack trace:

2. at FormConfigBuilder ::validateName ('s547b0ee70b0ac5.07768096') 
in /cygdrive/c/xampp/htdocs/wzp/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Form/FormConfigBuilder.php at line 193 
3. at FormConfigBuilder ->__construct ('s547b0ee70b0ac5.07768096', 'Backend\PoiBundle\Entity\Obiektydziedzictwa', object(EventDispatcher), array('block_name' => null, 'disabled' => false, 'label' => null, 'attr' => array(), 'translation_domain' => null, 'auto_initialize' => true, 'empty_data' => object(Closure), 'trim' => true, 'required' => true, 'read_only' => false, 'max_length' => null, 'pattern' => null, 'property_path' => null, 'mapped' => true, 'by_reference' => true, 'error_bubbling' => true, 'label_attr' => array(), 'virtual' => null, 'inherit_data' => false, 'compound' => true, 'method' => 'POST', 'action' => '', 'post_max_size_message' => 'The uploaded file was too large. Please try to upload a smaller file.', 'validation_groups' => null, 'error_mapping' => array(), 'constraints' => array(), 'cascade_validation' => false, 'invalid_message' => 'This value is not valid.', 'invalid_message_parameters' => array(), 'extra_fields_message' => 'This form should not contain extra fields.', 'csrf_protection' => true, 'csrf_field_name' => '_token', 'csrf_message' => 'The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form.', 'csrf_token_manager' => object(CsrfProviderAdapter), 'csrf_token_id' => null, 'csrf_provider' => object(CsrfTokenManagerAdapter), 'intention' => null, 'sonata_admin' => null, 'sonata_field_description' => null, 'label_render' => true, 'sonata_help' => null, 'horizontal_label_class' => '', 'horizontal_label_offset_class' => '', 'horizontal_input_wrapper_class' => '', 'data_class' => 'Backend\PoiBundle\Entity\Obiektydziedzictwa'))
in /cygdrive/c/xampp/htdocs/wzp/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Form/FormBuilder.php at line 51

As I said before, there is no problem with running such function at my application on ubuntu. The cygwin is hosted on Windows 7 64-bit

I didn't configured php.ini despite increasing memory_limit and setting date.timezone.

Theese are my php modules:

bz2.ini          ctype.ini
curl.ini         gd.ini           gmp.ini          gv.ini
iconv.ini        intl.ini         json.ini         mysql.ini
mysqli.ini       pdo_dblib.ini    pdo_mysql.ini    pdo_pgsql.ini
pdo_sqlite.ini   pgsql.ini        phpmodules       pspell.ini
readline.ini     simplexml.ini    sqlite3.ini      tidy.ini
xsl.ini          zlib.ini   

If I run the same project from xampp on windows there is also no such problem as described above.

Does anyone run symfony project under apache + php on cygwin? Any help appreciated.

EDIT If I run cygwin 32-bit (on the same Windows 7 64-bit) I don't get this error. But another problem occurred. Somehow sonata generates paths like:


instead of


Which is the reason why I get an error: There is no such file.

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