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I'm using PHP Codeigniter, jQuery 2.0.3.

I have a form contains text boxes, and html table. Two of the columns in the html table are casaded dropdown.

The cascaded dropdown, let's say, dropdown A and dropdown B, by default the dropdown A will list out 10 options, it is an item category. While dropdown B list out nothing. When A is changed, B will populate some option related to the dropdown A (its category), and it's done in



When I choose a value from checkbox and click a button on that page, it will run a JS function that draw data from MySQL via ajax and put it in my form > input element, and also the HTML table. (But the database only have a value of dropdown B, not dropdown A).

The first JS function run is dialog_purchase_request_pull_data(data_purchase_request); The ajax request inside this function then call JS function insert_detail(result) upon its success.

Inside the insert_detail function, a for loop call another function add_row(tableID,data_ajax); Inside this add_row function I call ajax to get the value of dropdown A.

I get the value of dropdown A already, but I miss something so that I can't put it directly. On this line:


I have changed the option of dropdown A, and trigger 'change' event so that dropdown B will populate the related options. This is where I can't find where to put : $("#ast_sub_group"+name_cnt).val(data_ajax.item_group); So that it will update the dropdown B option after 'change' event has been triggered.

This is my JS:

//populate sub group if group changed
        var name_str = $(this).attr('id');
        var name_len = name_str.length;
        var name_cnt = name_str.substring(name_len-1,name_len); 
            success: function(result){              
                    var detail_result = JSON.parse(result);         
                    $("select[id^='ast_sub_group"+name_cnt+"']").append("<option value='-1'>Select..</option>");
                    for (var i =0; i <detail_result.length;i++){
                        $("select[id^='ast_sub_group"+name_cnt+"']").append("<option value='"+detail_result[i].group_id+"'>"+detail_result[i].group_name+"</option>");
function add_row(tableID,data_ajax){
    var name_str = $('#'+tableID+' > tbody > tr:last > td:eq(1) select').attr('id');
        name_str = "ast_group0";
    var name_len = name_str.length; 
    var name_cnt = parseInt(name_str.substring("ast_group".length,name_len)) +  1;
    var table = document.getElementById(tableID);
    var rowCount = table.rows.length;
    //select init
    var ast_group = '<?php echo sw_CreateSelect('ast_group',$ddl_asset_group,'group_id','group_name',NULL,array('initialvalue'=>'-1','initialdisplay'=>'Select..'));?>';
    var ast_group_buffer = $(ast_group);ast_group_buffer.attr('name','ast_group[]');ast_group_buffer.attr('id','ast_group'+name_cnt);
    var ast_sub_group = '<?php echo sw_CreateSelect('ast_sub_group',$ddl_asset_sub_group,'group_id','group_name',NULL,array('initialvalue'=>'-1','initialdisplay'=>'Select..'));?>';
    var ast_sub_group_buffer = $(ast_sub_group);ast_sub_group_buffer.attr('name','ast_sub_group[]');ast_sub_group_buffer.attr('id','ast_sub_group'+name_cnt);

    var del_link = '<i class="fa fa-ban del_row"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;';
    var newRow = 
    "<tr height='30px'>"+
        "<td align='center'>"+del_link+"<span>"+rowCount+"</span>"+"</td>"+
        "<td><input type='text' name='ast_name[]' id='ast_name"+name_cnt+"' class='form-control' value='"+data_ajax.item_name+"'></td>"+
        "<td><input type='number' name='ast_qty[]' id='ast_qty"+name_cnt+"' class='form-control' value='"+data_ajax.item_qty+"'></td>"+
        "<td><input type='text' name='ast_price[]' id='ast_price"+name_cnt+"' class='form-control' value='"+data_ajax.item_price+"'></td>"+
        "<td><input type='text' name='sub_total[]' id='sub_total"+name_cnt+"' class='form-control' value='"+data_ajax.item_total+"'readonly></td>"+
    //select option 
    if($('#'+tableID+' > tbody > tr').length == 0){
        $('#'+tableID+' > tbody ').append(newRow);
        $('#'+tableID+' > tbody > tr:last').after(newRow);
    var ajax_result = [];
        url:"<?php echo base_url('asset/ajax_get_parent_group');?>",
        data: {ajax_group_id:data_ajax.item_group}, 
        dataType: "json"/*,
        success: function(result){          
            //return result;
    }).done(function (obj){
        alert('group change');
    /*}).done(function (obj){
        alert('wait group change for sub group');

function dialog_purchase_request_pull_data(data_purchase_request){
    var doc_id = data_purchase_request['doc_id'];
    var data_ajax_raw = $.ajax({
        url:"<?php echo base_url('purchase/ajax_purchase_request');?>",
        data: {purreq:doc_id},
        dataType: "json",
        success: function(result){              
function insert_detail(data){
    var tbl = document.getElementById("table_detail");
    var tbl_lastrow = tbl.rows.length -1;
    document.getElementById("table_detail").deleteRow(tbl_lastrow); //delete last row
    var data_ajax = Object();   
    for (var datum in data){
        data_ajax.item_name = data[datum].item_name;
        data_ajax.item_qty = data[datum].item_qty;
        data_ajax.item_price = data[datum].item_price;
        data_ajax.item_total = data[datum].item_total;
        data_ajax.item_group = data[datum].item_group;


    addRow("table_detail"); //add empty row

I appreciate your help. Thanks. JMS

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  • duanjiao5723 2014-07-25 12:06

    This has does not directly address the question, but I believe it has more value as an answer than as a simple comment.

    Your setup seems overly complicated and not optimal. You can greatly reduce complexity by using reusable components, such as select2 for your lists and, perhaps, implementing the Ajax search functionality or setting list's B data on list A change.

    For Ajax search, just disable the list B until something is selected in list A, and configure list B with the proper Ajax settings (i.e. URL arguments) with the selected value from list A.

    Or you can simply set list B's values from list A change event.

    What you are trying to do is something that has been done many times before, but I think your approach might not be the best way for this.

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