2013-09-01 03:07
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Drupal 7图像无法显示

For some reason, images are not showing up when not logged in as an administrator.

The issue seems to be connected to my use of views.

The images are part of a content type I created. The field type is image and I can pull the images from the node when accessing the node in a custom template and not using views.

But when using views, the images only show up when I'm logged in as an administrator.

I don't have any field/content permission modules installed, this is pretty bare bones with a Zen theme sub-themed. And I'm not doing anything funky with the view, just create it and add the fields I want to display. It works fine as administrator.

I can't seem to figure this one out. It seems like this is a permissions issue, but I don't see anything in the permissions configuration that would affect this behavior.

Any tips?

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出于某种原因,未以管理员身份登录时,图像不会显示。 \ n


图像是我创建的内容类型的一部分。 字段类型是图像,我可以在自定义模板中访问节点而不使用视图时从节点中提取图像。

但是在使用视图时,图像仅在我显示时显示 我以管理员身份登录。

我没有安装任何字段/内容权限模块,这是一个非常简单的主题,以Zen主题为主题。 而且我没有对视图做任何简单的事情,只需创建它并添加我想要显示的字段。 它作为管理员工作正常。

我似乎无法想象这一个。 这似乎是一个权限问题,但我没有在权限配置中看到任何会影响此行为的内容。


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  • donglan8999 2014-03-21 20:53

    I appreciate that this is an old post but after days of trying to resolve the problem I have seen many of these posts and want to update with my solution.

    My web host is classed as a shared web host which means for me that I don't have as much access to the server side as with other hosts. The control area for the admin on my host is custom and lots of stuff that I have with another host and previous hosts id missing.

    I resolved the images not showing by adjusting the .htaccess file. There are 2 that I have found so far in Drupal 7.24 (one in the site root and one in sites/default/files/) and I had to adjust both of them by commenting out the options section and the symlinks section. There is info on this by googling "one.com Drupal Installation".

    Once both htaccess files had been edited and the permissions had been changed on the "files" folder in "sites/default/" to "755" the extra folders where created when I uploaded my images and the images started to show fine. If like me you are unable to change permissions within your website hosts control panel you will need to do it with either an ftp client or via ssh.

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