2013-05-21 12:43
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I'm trying to open a socket between my server and the other server, but it returns the following warring msg :

SoapClient::SoapClient() [soapclient.soapclient]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed

my SoapClient should be connected using a specific IP, so I'm using the following code:

$aOpts = array('socket' => array('bindto' => 'my IP')); $rStreamContext = stream_context_create($aOpts);

$client = new SoapClient($this->_wsdl_test_url, array('stream_context'=>$rStreamContext));

the server keep giving me the same warning, failed to open stream: HTTP

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  • douchuilai2355 2013-05-21 13:02

    finally it was fixed, the problem was with the encryption of the file, I put it UTF8 without BOM instead of UTF8

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