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php mail()删除CC,BCC和安全性

I'm new to stackoverflow and couldn't find an answer to my question which is; How do I secure my mail() code in php to prevent people from adding bcc which would ultimatly result in mass mailing? My website uses the PHP mail() service to email me when a new comment has been entered in my site. What is the best way to prevent people tampering with it, such as removing the bcc? What I have so far is:

function mres($input){
if (get_magic_quotes_gpc()){
    $input = stripslashes($input);
return mysql_real_escape_string($input);
$name = strip_tags(mres($_POST['name']));
$comment = strip_tags(mres($_POST['comment']));

$to = '';
$subject = 'Website - comment';
$body = 'A new comment has been entered on the website.'."

"."$name".' said:         '."


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我是stackoverflow的新手,无法找到我的问题的答案。 如何在php中保护我的mail()代码以防止人们添加最终会导致群发邮件的密件抄送? 我的网站使用PHP mail()服务在我的网站上输入新评论时给我发电子邮件。 防止人们篡改它的最佳方法是什么,例如删除密送? 到目前为止我所拥有的是:

  function mres($ input){
 $ input = stripslashes($ input); 
return mysql_real_escape_string($ input); 
 $ name = strip_tags(mres($ _ POST ['name'])); 
 $ comment = strip_tags(mres($ _ POST ['comment'])); \  n 
 $ to =''; 
 $ subject ='网站 - 评论'; 
 $ body ='已在网站上输入新评论。'。“
”。  “$名”。” 说:'。“
”。“$ comment”; 
mail($ to,$ subject,$ body); 
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