2012-02-20 11:00
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PHP中的Oracle Epoch时间戳的Oracle时间戳

I've got an oracle Database with an TIMESTAMP (6) WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE column that returns me values like this:

20-FEB-12 AM

How can i parse those into a normal unix timestamp in PHP?
strtotime() doesn't work (returns false)

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我有一个带有 TIMESTAMP(6)WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE的oracle数据库 返回值的列如下:

20-FEB-12 AM

我如何解析 那些在PHP中的正常unix时间戳?

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  • dongnius85154 2012-02-20 12:40

    I just found i can use TO_CHAR to turn the Timestamp into something more parseable within the database query.

    There is a description here:

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