doushang8512 2017-06-30 08:08
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Edit: For all those who are downvoting, this isn't the same question asked many times before. I'm NOT A PHP developer. I want to retrieve all the images names from a folder on my FTP server. I googled and found this script:

foreach (new DirectoryIterator(__DIR__) as $file) {
  if ($file->isFile()) {
      print $file->getFilename() . "

Since I'm not a PHP dev, I can't understand even a word of it.

What I Want: Modify PHP script so that it returns an array containing file names and want some android code which accepts the array.

Thank You!

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  • douji2520 2017-06-30 08:09

    I don't know who wrote that method, but PHP already has a built in method to return the contents of a directory

    If you only want to include files and not folders with scandir, this answer will help Include JUST files in scandir array?

    This answer goes over decoding json with java Decoding JSON String in Java

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