2018-01-05 15:20
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SQLSTATE [HY093]:参数号无效:参数未定义问题[重复]

I am very unsure at why I am getting such an error with my code

try {
$stmt = $connection->prepare("INSERT INTO table (path, title, era, information)
            VALUES (:path, :title, :era, :information)");
$stmt->bindParam(':path', $fname);
$stmt->bindParam(':title', $Name);
$stmt->bindParam(':era', $Era);
$stmt->bindParam(':descrip', $Description);

// insert row
catch(PDOException $e) {
echo $e->getMessage();
echo "Upload Successful";

I have tried so many different options and I just cant fix the error

$Name =$_POST["name"];
$Era =$_POST["era"];
$Description =$_POST["info"];

these are the variables I used if that helps in solving my issue

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  • duanqian2368 2018-01-05 15:22

    You define the values ':path, :title, :era, :information' in your prepare statement but try to set a value for the field ':descrip' later on. Because this field is not defined in the prepare call you get that error.

    Use ':information' instead of ':descrip'.

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