2018-11-30 14:18
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I need to add custom shortcode only on the specific page through the header.php

This is confusing me a bit since I've tried to put is_page() only in if() but it doesn't work. I need from my code to do the following:

Example code is here:

$page = 'page_slug';
if (is_page($page)) {

From some reason, this doesn't work.

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我需要通过 header.php <仅在特定页面上添加自定义短代码 / p>

由于我试图仅在 if()中放入 is_page(),这让我感到困惑,但它没有 工作。 我需要从我的代码中执行以下操作:


  $ page ='page_slug'; 
if(  is_page($ page)){


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  • dtnqbre7980007 2018-11-30 14:27

    You execute the function get_page in the if statement. Even though it is evaluated to false, the function is executed, I bet the problem comes from that.

    Consider changing get_page to have it only returning boolean but not doing anyhting else.

    Of course, then you can leave only the if statement and get rid of the else.

    EDIT: Here's an example. else statement is empty, there shouldn't be anything but "bar" is printed as the function is executed to determine if if statement should be entered or not.

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  • dongwei3172 2018-11-30 14:23

    You don't need to use else as your code doesn't return or echo result

    $page = '4827';
    if (get_page($page)) {
      echo do_shortcode('[shortcode]');
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