2012-07-27 22:37

PHP memcache连接


I have a page where few thousands of users can hit a method at the same time . I do have following code where I connect every time . Since this will go to a seperate memcache server will this cause slowdowns is there a way to connect just once and reuse that connection ? Do I have to close connection after every request ?

$primary_connected = $memcache_primary->connect($primary_memcache_server, 11211);
        $data = $memcache_primary->get($key);
        if ($data != NULL) {
            return data;
/////Get data from database 
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  • dongmi6102 dongmi6102 9年前

    If you are using the PHP memcached class (the one with the d on the end, not memcache) then yes, you can open a persistent connection.

    You can pass a persistent ID to the constructor which will open a persistent connection and subsequent instances that use the same persistent ID will use that connection.

    $memcached = new Memcached('method_name_or_persistent_identifier');
    // use it

    Hope that helps.

    See Memcached::__construct() for more details.

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