2016-06-06 21:17
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Recently I started learning Laravel by following the Laravel From Scratch cast(

Right now I'm trying to add additional functionality to the registration form(starting with error feedback) and I already ran into a problem.

Is there a (native) way to check wether the form has been submitted or not? I tried to use:

{{ Request::method() }}

But even after pressing Register on the default scaffold generated by running the command php artisan make:auth it returns GET while the action of the form is POST and it triggers a route with a POST Request type.

The reason for all of this is that I want to add a CSS class to a element based on the following requirements.

if form is submitted
   if $errors->has('name') //is there an error for name(example)
      add 'has-error' class
      add 'has-success' class

Does anybody know a solution for it?

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  • doumei8258 2016-06-07 01:08

    I think you want to achieve this:

    if( old('name') ){ // name has been submitted
      if( $errors->first('name') ){ // there is at least an error on it
        // add error class
      }else{ // has been submitted without errors
        // add valid class

    That in a input field is something like this:

    <input name="name" class="validate{{ old('name') ? ( $errors->first('name') ? ' invalid'  : ' valid') : '' }}" type="text" value="{{ old('name') }}">
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  • dsndm82062 2016-06-06 21:30


    You can validate you should have a look at the validate function in Laravel. You can validate the input you sent in and when there are errors send them back into your view.

    For examples look at the url:

    Hope this helps.

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