2014-04-10 11:19

Php / Mysql数据库日报


I'm new in php/mysql. I'm creating a simple webpage showing tables/data from my database(wamp). My problem is I want this data I input in the database table to save daily and to show them by calling the specific date/time. I'm lost I need a little help to put me in the right direction. Than you somuch!!

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  • du512053619 du512053619 7年前

    Make sure your date_time field Datatype is timestamp.

    If you want to show data from table using specific date/time, try it

    SELECT field_name1, field_name2, field_name3 
        WHERE date_time_field= '2014-04-10 16:14:54' 
        ORDER BY date_time_field DESC
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