2016-10-01 17:03

mySQL - FIND_IN_SET()找不到值


I m trying to get posts which includes a spesific tag.

The tag row content



SELECT * FROM shares WHERE FIND_IN_SET(tag, 'iphone') > 0 ORDER BY DATE DESC limit 10

What is the correct way to do it ?

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  • dpp3047 dpp3047 5年前

    Your tag is iphone|1468338028 and you look for iphone. That does not match.
    Replace the | with , to separate the values.

    SELECT * FROM shares 
    WHERE FIND_IN_SET(replace(tag, '|', ','), 'iphone') > 0 
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  • douwan2664 douwan2664 5年前

    Another alternative is to use LIKE "%text%", if you're not required to use FIND_IN_SET().

    SELECT * FROM shares 
    WHERE tag LIKE "%iphone%"
    ORDER BY DATE DESC limit 10

    Above snippet should achieve the same, thus avoiding replacing and trimming issues.

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