2018-06-04 21:11
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$ Bcc不是为我发送电子邮件?

I am trying to send an email to several different addresses 2 being pulled from the data tables (to: and Bcc) the othere is a CC all work but the BCC address. I can swap the to address to either of the data table addresses and it will send to whichever I have there so the data is fine but the BCC just wont work for me.

Here is my code where I am pulling the BCC address from data but it does not send the BCC address. I have tried several things to remedy this all to no avail!

// fetch contestant email from 'contestants' table...
$sql = $mysqli->query("select * FROM contestants where 
$row = $sql->fetch_assoc();
$name = $row['name'];

//fetch event details from 'events' table...
$sql1 = $mysqli->query("select * FROM events where 
$row1 = $sql1->fetch_assoc();

//fetch club details from 'clubs' table...
// fetch contestant email from 'contestants' table...
$sql2 = $mysqli->query("select * FROM clubs where 
$row2 = $sql2->fetch_assoc();

// fetch club admin email from 'clubs' table...
$sql3 = $mysqli->query("select * FROM clubs where 
$row3 = $sql3->fetch_assoc();

// send mail to contestant and CC

 $to        = $row3['admin_email_address'];
 $Bcc       = $row['email'];        

 $from      = '';

 // To send HTML mail, the Content-type header must be set

 $headers  = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "
 $headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "

 // Create email headers
 $headers .= 'Bcc: $Bcc
 $headers .= 'Cc:' . "
 $headers .= 'From: '.$from."

    'Reply-To: '.$from."
" .

    'X-Mailer: PHP/' . phpversion();

 // Compose a simple HTML email message

 $subject   = ' - Incomplete Order! (CAN)';

$message = '<html><body>';
$message .= '<h3><font color="red">RaCE</font></h3>';
$message .= 'We are Up All Night Long, Assuring your Event gets Maximum 
$message .= '<hr>';

$message .= '<h3 style="color:black;">'.$name.',</h3>';

$message .= '<p font-size:12px;">Has an incomplete Entry for your Event:<br><b> '.$row1['list_title'].'.</b><br> No Handshake between Paypal and RaCEMasters was received! To have completed this order a Paypal payment must have been made and a Click on the "Return To Merchant" button from Paypal was needed. <br><br>
Please check your Paypal Account for this payment and if received please Mark them Paid from the "Incomplete Orders link" on the "Current Entries" page.<br> If you did not receive this payment please contact <b>'.$name.'</b>, to see if he/she wishes to Pay and Complete this Entry or Cancel. If they Cancel simply "Delete the Incomplete Order!!<br>For assitance contact </p>';

$message .= '</body></html>';

// Sending email

 if(mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers)){

    // echo 'Your mail has been sent successfully.';

/*  else{

    echo 'Unable to send email. Please try again.';

} */ 

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  • dongzi8191
    dongzi8191 2018-06-04 21:15

    You need double quotes to resolve the variable as well as the . Change

     $headers .= 'Bcc: $Bcc


    $headers .= "Bcc: $Bcc
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