2015-05-14 11:17
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UTF-8与php pdo和mysql - ctype php

How to use ctype_alpha with UTF-8

I have this code:

 if(empty($_POST) === false) {      

                if (isset($_POST['first_name']) && !empty ($_POST['first_name'])){
                    if (ctype_alpha($_POST['first_name']) === false) {
                    $errors[] = 'Please enter your First Name with only letters!';

so here I chech is everzthing fine if not I got error...

But If I use letters like ščćž - UTF-8 then I also get errors, so how I can sovle this problem becouse I need for first name to have onlz letters but I need to allow UTF-8 characters like ščćž

Please help!

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  • duandingqi9442 2015-05-14 11:21

    Make sure that EVERYTHING is in UTF8 NOBOM format. ALL php files must be saved in UTF8 NOBOM format. Adding just "charset=UTF-8" to html tag is not enough.

    Also you have to set UTF8 for database connection:

    mysql_query ('SET NAMES utf8');

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