doumei1955 2014-02-23 02:57
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使用正则表达式关闭标签后获取单词? [重复]

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I have following string

<strong>Test: </strong> BD-F5300

I am interested in getting number BD-F5300. Number could be of any thing text,number.

Any help, how can I get it? Thanks.

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  • doujia1871 2014-02-23 03:05

    If all you need is to get some content after </strong> then you can just use:

    preg_match('@</strong> (.+)@', $string, $matches);

    The desired match will be in $matches[1]. However, this requires that the <strong> tag and the text content you want to find are both on the same line. If there are multiples of these you want to match, you may want to use preg_match_all

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