2015-11-23 15:30



Consider the following JSON data as string

'{"prop0":"true", "prop1":
       {"prop0":"false", "prop1":"true", "prop2":

This structure is dynamic and could have a lot more nodes, children etc. This is how my backend receives this "unclean" JSON data (that is in fact a string). For performance matters, I'm trying to avoid to parse to a JSON obj and cycle through every node to find is there is a string that can be converted to boolean.

I know how to do that, I'm just wondering if there would be a "magical" solution to replace "true" by true inside the string, something like

str_replace("true", true, $data);

That obviously won't work. All I need after all is to remove the quotes around the boolean value. Does anyone know of a quick way to do that?

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  • dongmei2956 dongmei2956 6年前

    I suppose you were very close with your str_replace attempt. This should do what you're looking for:

    str_replace('"true"', 'true', $data);
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