2014-08-20 21:48
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Laravel 4 - 在一个页面上使用多个分页器

I've been googling for this question but can't find any good answers. I found that there is a method called setPageName() for the paginator but it only works when used like Paginator::setPageName('page').

I looked up the paginator in the Laravel API ( and the method is a public function just like setBaseUrl which I am currently using like $albums->setBaseUrl('/album/');

for instance I want to have a Photo paginator (?photoPage=n) and a Comment paginator (?commentPage=n).

Is there any way that I can use two paginators that use different page names in the URL on one page, or at least call the setPageName() method like setBaseUrl()?

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  • dtamho6404 2014-08-20 22:17

    There are actually two classes at play here:

    Where the Factory class actually orchestrates the creation of Paginator instances. After a quick glance, I couldn't really tell you why the Factory class is in charge of get/setPageName(), but that's where they live.

    It seems that you would need two distinct Factory instances, which, fortunately, is possible via the IoC Container. Since the PaginationServiceProvider binds to paginator, calling $app->make("Illuminate\Pagination\Factory") twice should generate two distinct factories. If you're using namespaces, a service provider to inject the factories into your controller might look like:

    class DoublyPaginatedControllerServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider {
        public function register($app)
            $this->bindShared('', function ($app) {
                $factory = $app->make('Illuminate\Pagination\Factory');
                return $factory;
            $this->bindShared('paginator.comments', function ($app) {
                $factory = $app->make('Illuminate\Pagination\Factory');
                return $factory;
            $this->app->bindShared('Namespace\DoublyPaginatedController', function ($app) {
                return new DoublyPaginatedController(

    Of course, the downside here is that you can't use Eloquent's Model::paginate() -- you'd need to manually determine which set of items to get and pass them to each Factory's make() method.

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