2015-05-28 09:49
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I am trying to make a project work. But I am getting an error like this:

Class 'App' not found in /var/www/html/project/test.php on line 4

line 4 of this file says:

app::$activepage = $_GET['_page'] ? httpget('_page') : $_POST['_page'] ? httppost('_page') : 0);

I am using cakePhp Version: 1.3.15-1. The weird thing is that when I do apt show cakephp it says State: not installed However, I have followed all the instructions of and when I open the index.php file of cakephp, it doesn't indicate any errors.

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我正在努力使项目有效。 但是我收到这样的错误:



  app :: $ activepage = $ _GET ['_ page']?  httpget('_ page'):$ _POST ['_ page']?  httppost('_ page'):0); 

我正在使用cakePhp版本:1.3.15-1。 奇怪的是,当我做 apt show cakephp 它说状态:未安装 但是,我已按照 an-ubuntu-12-04-vps 当我打开cakephp的index.php文件时,它并不表示有任何错误。

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  • doushan9415 2015-06-04 16:26

    As I said in my Comment:

    Your snippet / folder structure doesn't look like CakePHP.

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