2019-01-02 22:33
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Laravel 5.7 LeftJoin从两个表中删除行

I have been looking around for ways to delete some rows from joined tables in Laravel 5.7. I have three tables(Inventories, Vehicles and Vimages) and I want to join them all together and delete the rows together. Does anyone know if this is possible?

The reason I am trying to do this is because the Vehicles and Inventories table have a one to one relationship, which only the Inventories table has an id which is used to sort the vehicles(Dealer Id). So I can select multiple vehicles from Inventories with the dealer id and delete them but I cannot do the same with the Vehicles table.


My Join:

                'vehicles', '', '=', 'inventories.vehicle_id'
                'vimages', 'vimages.inventory_id', '=', ''
                'inventories.dealer_id', '=', \Auth::user()->dealer_id
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  • dongzhiqi0332
    dongzhiqi0332 2019-01-02 23:20

    If you use a foreign key constraint with cascading deletes you can achieve this. Eloquent supports this but you need to set this up in your migrations as follows.

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