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无法使用PHPUnit对vagrant box执行任何测试

I am working for a company. I know how to ran PHPUnit tests on vagrant box. But I don't know why i can't run any test on their vagrant box configured using chef. Whenever i am running PHPUnit command, i am getting below error:

There was 1 failure:

1) ExampleTest::testBasicExample
A request to [en/contact] failed. Received status code [404].


Caused by
ErrorException: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /..../vendor/phpunit/phpunit/src/Util/Printer.php:133) in /..../app/Http/Middleware/SetCookieData.php:17

Any help will be very much appreciable.

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  • dongzhonggua4229 2016-03-26 06:45

    Your test is running just fine. In your example test, you made a call to visit('en/contact'). It attempted to visit that url, but instead of a 200, it got a 404. The display you are seeing is the result of your test attempting to visit that url.

    The problem is that your code in app/Http/Middleware/SetCookieData.php is attempting to modify the headers (using the header() function), but PHPUnit has already written output to STDOUT. So, PHP is throwing an error that you're attempting to modify headers after writing output.

    There are a couple answers[1][2][3] for this issue already, but to summarize here:

    1. Run PHPUnit with the --stderr option (or add stderr="true" to your phpunit.xml). This way, PHPUnit will write to STDERR, so PHP won't complain about having already written to STDOUT. This is probably the easiest option.

    2. Trying using the @runInSeparateProcess annotation for your test. Though, you may run into issues because of the complexity of the framework. Additionally, you will probably have many tests that need this annotation, and that will be resource intensive.

       * @runInSeparateProcess
      public function testBasicExample()
          // visit('en/contact');
    3. Run PHPUnit with the --process-isolation flag (or add processIsolation="true" to your phpunit.xml). Likely same issues as the @runInSeparateProcess annotation.

    4. Mock the built-in header() function to not actually send headers. Though, this may change how your pages react, so you will probably end up having to write more testing code.


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