duanqun7761 2018-11-28 14:41
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I'm sending an email when a user books an event - the email contains a .ics file attachment containing the event information.

When sent to a Gmail account, it renders the event detail within the email body (like the image below), automatically adding the event to their calendar:

Gmail  event rendering within email body

...but I'm struggling to get the same behaviour when sending the email (with attachment) to an Outlook email account.

Longshot - but has anyone dealt with this, or would be able to point me in a direction?

Can provide the .ics file if required.

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  • dotxxh0998 2018-11-30 08:16

    This usually corresponds to a MIME structure issue, especially if you got it working with some clients. See Multipart email with text and calendar: Outlook doesn't recognize ics

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